Finding the Best Smart Watch Samsung Gear 2

While checking out the new Samsung Gear 2 smart watch, I remembered the first wearable technology that I had. About 10 years ago, I received the gift of a Microsoft SPOT watch, and found it a bit too bulky to wear. So, I passed it along to Mr. D, who liked it, and wore it for several years. It had some cool features, like news feed, so you could get instant updates for news, sports, and other items.

There were 3 manufacturers for the initial release, and we had the Suunto version. It was like the watch at the far right in the photo below (from the Microsoft press release in 2003, when the watches were announced).

SPOT Watch Replacement

This was before everyone had a smart phone, so it was quite an attention getter, back in the early days. Gradually, phones got smarter, and Microsoft stopped production of the watch in 2008, but MSN Direct kept the feed services going until 2011.

Finally, Mr. D had to find a new watch. He couldn’t find anything comparable, and ended up buying a plain old Timex, to help him keep track of the time. It doesn’t have any fancy features, but it works, and lets him know what time it is.

Recently, some new smart watches have hit the marketplace, so I’m looking for a new watch to give to him for Christmas.

Samsung Gear 2 Smart Watch

The first one that caught my eye was the Samsung Gear 2. It has a sleek look, and many appealing features. In the photo below, you can see how fancy the watch is, compared to that old SPOT watch. It is smaller and sleeker, has some amazing features, and is sure a lot more colorful than that old black and white watch!

You can see the features of the watch in the official video that I found, and put at the end of this blog post.

Phone and Text Messages

The most amazing thing to me is that this tiny watch can act as a phone, and lets you send and receive text messages. In the old days, if Mr. D got an exciting news bulletin on his SPOT watch, he had to pull out his clunky cellular phone, and call me on my clunky phone, to tell me about it. Winking smile

The watch display is 1.63 inches, so that is a good size for reading a short message. It will also show quick glance notifications, so you can easily keep up to date with the activity on your watch.

Music and Television

The Samsung Gear 2 will also act as a music player, so you can use it if you’re out for a walk or run, and want to keep your load light.

When you’re at home, you can program the watch to act as a remote control for your television too. You’ll never have to dig through those sofa cushions again, trying to find where the kids hid that remote control!

Health and Fitness

Two more fascinating features are the built in heart rate monitor and step counter.. That will make it easy for you to keep an eye on your health, while you do your daily walk or run, or other fitness activities. It is dustproof and water resistant, so that makes it sturdy enough to use when exercising.

Watch the Video

To see some of the features, you can watch this short Samsung Gear 2 Smart Watch official video.

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Beautiful Imperfections

Today’s quote is from fashion designer, Marc Jacobs.

I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect–they are much more interesting.


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Walk Through My Garden Forever

What a wonderful thought in this week’s quote – walking through an endless garden of flowers, created by thinking about your friends.

If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…I could walk through my garden forever.

If I had a flower for every time I thought of you...I could walk through my garden forever.

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Grilled Cheese on the Indoor Grill

Our granddaughter (Miss A) came to visit last week, and her favorite lunch is grilled cheese. We had bread and cheese, so I opened the cupboard to get out the frying pan.

Suddenly, I remembered that the best way to make grilled cheese is in the George Foreman indoor grill, so I put the frying pan away.

Why is it the best way? Well, because the heat is coming from both the top and bottom, it cooks quickly and evenly. You don’t have to flip the sandwich, or worry about burning one of the sides.

I’ve never made a bad grilled cheese in the George!

Perfect grilled cheese cooked on a George Foreman Indoor Grill

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Monday Quote 20140811

Today’s quote, from Amy Leigh Mercree, is certainly inspiring, and sometimes hard to achieve.

Unconditional love is the greatest gift we can ever give.

Unconditional love is the greatest gift we can ever give.

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Enjoying the Rose Garden

Today’s quote, from Georgia O’Keeffe, is a great reminder to “Stop and smell the roses.”

If you take a flower in your hand, and really look at it, it’s your world for a moment.”

If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it's your world for a moment.

The picture with this week’s quote is one of the blossoms from my rose bush, after a light rain. I love to take pictures in the garden, and it’s easier to capture the colors when the sky isn’t too bright.

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