Vintage Style Steam Engine Poster

Vintage Steam Engine Poster

This beautifully detailed poster would be a great way to give your model train room a piece of art, and a piece of history.

This vintage style 1915 steam locomotive print would be enjoyed by model railway enthusiasts and history buffs alike. They can study the steam engine’s construction, and learn a few new things about their favorite hobby.

The model railway area in our basement used to have a huge poster with a modern locomotive engine. A friend who worked for a railway company gave it to me, and my son loved it! In fact, when my son moved out, he took that poster with him, and this vintage engine picture would be a good replacement.

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Fun Socks for Model Train Enthusiasts

Trouser Socks for Model Train Fans

Sock’ it to ’em! This great gift will give your model train lover a ‘leg’ up on the competition.

These awesome socks will take you from model railway, to runway model! And of course, these trouser socks are perfect for anyone that still calls their pants “trousers”.
I’m sure you can still wear them with regular pants though. 😉

I’ve got a big collection of fancy socks, adorned with everything from flowers, to dogs, to Christmas penguins. Even when you have to dress sensibly or conservatively, you can still have a bit of fun with patterned socks.

So, don’t hesitate — jump in with both feet and truly immerse yourself in these great socks. Perfect for model train enthusiasts that want to start their day on the right track.

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Vintage Train Alarm Clock Gift

Vintage Train Alarm Clock Gift

Help make mornings easier for your model train lover with this inexpensive gift idea.

It’s nearly impossible to know which model train a true enthusiast needs for their collection. This vintage locomotive alarm clock is the perfect gift for train lovers, and lets them have a piece of their passion outside the collection room.

Time seems to operate on the same scale as the model trains for most collectors. It’s never easy to leave the model world, but the blow may be softened a bit, by hearing that time is up from this beautiful vintage locomotive.

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Perfect Gift Mug for Model Train Fans

If you’re looking for a fun item, this is a great gift for a model train enthusiast who has a sense of humor!

The morning will be off to a good start, when he drinks his coffee or tea from this mug. No doubt it will bring a smile to the conductor of any model railroad, even at the crack of dawn!

Don’t worry if the model railway lover has tons of other accessories — this one will be unique. And you can never have too many coffee mugs — I know that from my own collection that keeps growing!

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Take Time to Play

We’re heading into one of the busiest times of the year, with several holidays over the next couple of months. The weather will start to get bad too, in some areas, which adds to our stress. What can we do to prepare, and survive the season with our health intact?

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Fun and Easy Halloween Snacks and Crafts

We’re having fun getting started on our Halloween crafts for this year, so here are a few more links to fun and easy craft projects. There are a few snacks to make too, but don’t eat them all before the big day arrives!

Fun and easy Halloween snacks & crafts

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