Engineer Cap for Model Railroad Fans

It’s difficult to find the perfect gift for a model train lover, if they have almost every accessory every made! But do they have an authentic looking railroad engineer’s cap?


The headband has elastic at the back, so it should fit comfortably on most adult heads, with no plastic strap to adjust. It’s made from 100% cotton, in a heavy material, with dark blue and white stripes. He will feel like a real railroad engineer while he’s wearing it!

And you’ll like it too – it won’t take up any floor space, or make noise, so you can ignore it, while he enjoys it. Perfect!

So You Want a Model Railroad

To make your model train problems seems small, watch this short movie from 1955 – So You Want a Model Railroad. A woman is looking for help from Mr. Agony, who gives advice on the radio. The woman’s husband spends all their money on model trains, and she doesn’t know what to do! I wouldn’t mind a train that brought my dinner though. 😉

Model Train Gift Ideas

Here are a few more model train gift ideas, from Amazon.


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USA Railroad Legacy Map for Model Train Room

This beautifully detailed railroad legacy map from National Geographic will look beautiful on the wall in your model train room!


Maps are always interesting to study, and this one will be especially fascinating for anyone who loves trains – full sized ones or model sized.

Building the railroad routes had a strong impact on the country, and this railroad legacy map from National Geographic helps to illustrate that. You can see today’s major railroads, the Amtrak routes, and the major routes from the 1920s. Other locations are marked too, such as tunnels, and railroad museums.

As usual, National Geographic has produced a map of outstanding quality. The map is 36″ x 24″  and printed on high quality paper. It could be laminated or framed, so it can be enjoyed for a long time. 

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Train Visual History Book for Model Railroad Fans

This beautiful book — Train: The Definitive Visual History — will inspire big dreams in any model train lover.


From the Smithsonian, this 320 page book covers the history of the train from the invention of the steam-powered locomotive, in the 1800s, up to the present day. The facts and photos in this book will give you ideas for expanding your model railway, whether it has a historic theme, or represents a modern rail system.

This book will make a lovely gift, even for someone who doesn’t have any model trains yet. It will keep you busy for hours, while you pore over the fascinating pages.

There is a detailed index too, which is very important in a big reference book – you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for, or go back to something you found previously.


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Thomas Kinkade Christmas Tree Model Train

Your model railroader will love this tabletop Christmas tree with its hand-painted details and adorable model train!


Beautiful Thomas Kinkade Christmas Tree

Thomas Kinkade trees are always popular, and this one is extra special. It has a delightful little train running around it!

The 16″ tall tree has 4 levels that rotate — including Santa and his reindeer at the top. Maybe Santa is dropping off his last gift, and is hurrying home to play with his model trains.

Enjoy the Christmas Carols

And this tree doesn’t just look good — it sounds good too! The tree plays a medley of 8 different Christmas carols, so you won’t get bored by hearing the same song played over and over again.

For extra entertainment value, the tree has lights that can be turned on or off. This will look beautiful in the evening, and it will turn itself off after an hour, so you don’t have to remember to do that.

Batteries or Adapter

You can run the tree on batteries, or an adapter, so it can be displayed near an electrical outlet, or up on the mantle.

In the picture below, you can see a close-up of the Thomas Kinkade Christmas tree details, with the lovely houses and beautiful model train.



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I Love Model Trains T Shirt

I Love Model Trains Shirt

This shirt might not be for everyone, but model train lovers will be happy if you choo-choo-choose it for them.

Whether it brings laughter, or becomes a fashion statement, this shirt is sure to please. Even if they already have a shirt like this, don’t worry, there are seven model train loving days in a week.

This T-shirt is available in black or gray, with white lettering on both, and a red heart. If you can’t decide which color to buy, just get both of them! 😉

The shirt is made by Fruit of the Loom, and one of the pictures on the Amazon page is a sizing chart. Take a look at that, to make sure you buy the correct size. At first, I was confused by the chest measurement — for XL it shows 24 inches, which seemed like a child’s size! However, that is width of the shirt at the chest, so the XL shirt would have 24+24=48 inches for the full chest, which sounds about right.

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Vintage Style Steam Engine Poster

Vintage Steam Engine Poster

This beautifully detailed poster would be a great way to give your model train room a piece of art, and a piece of history.

This vintage style 1915 steam locomotive print would be enjoyed by model railway enthusiasts and history buffs alike. They can study the steam engine’s construction, and learn a few new things about their favorite hobby.

The model railway area in our basement used to have a huge poster with a modern locomotive engine. A friend who worked for a railway company gave it to me, and my son loved it! In fact, when my son moved out, he took that poster with him, and this vintage engine picture would be a good replacement.

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