Gifts for the Dinosaur Hunter

Most boys are very interested in dinosaurs, and love to read about them, and play with dinosaur toys. My son had a collection of dinosaurs that entertained him for hours, sometimes with fierce battles between the giant creatures, and sometimes playing quietly.

Some boys even dream of being paleontologists when they grow up, to have a career that revolves around dinosaurs. Do you remember Ross, from the TV series, Friends? He had his dream job, studying and teaching about dinosaurs. I’ll bet that he’d love the cuff links in this list (scroll down to see them).

Some guys never lose interest in those prehistoric creatures, even though they’re all grown up. They might not be lucky enough to have a dinosaur related job, but you can brighten their day with one of these fun gifts.

Disappearing Dinosaur Mug

Sadly, the dinosaurs disappeared long ago, and you can make them disappear every morning, with this magical disappearing dinosaur mug. When you add hot coffee or tea to the mug, the color disappears, and only the dinosaur skeletons remain.

Then, when the mug cools, the dinosaurs come back to life. Who wouldn’t enjoy that in the morning? The mug is hand wash only, so keep that in mind when you’re buying it.


T-Rex Skeleton Model

If your dinosaur hunter likes to work with his hands, this T-Rex skeleton model would keep him busy for a while. Make sure that you have enough space to display it though – the completed model is about 3 feet long! It sounds like the perfect decoration for that empty shelf in his man cave. 😉

The good news is that there are only 51 pieces, and they snap together, so the project won’t take weeks to finish. And, because it isn’t glued together, you could take it apart later, if you have to move, or temporarily need that shelf space for something else.


Sophisticated Dinosaur Hunter

If your dinosaur hunter is sophisticated, and a man about town, he’d love these exotic cufflinks, made with fossilized dinosaur bone. They’re very stylish, with the contrasting silver setting and bone in the center.

And imagine what a great conversation piece they’ll be! How many other guys at the dinner party or board meeting will be wearing a bit of dinosaur?


Dinosaur Movie

Of course, there is the ultimate proof that even big boys love dinosaurs – Jurassic Park! Did he go to see the first movie, when it came out in 1993? (wow, that was almost 20 years ago!)

We were on summer vacation, and took the kids to see it in a small town theater. They loved it, but were a little scared in places, just like everyone else in the audience.

The Jurassic Park trilogy is available for blu-ray, and it would be great fun to watch on a long winter weekend.


Quiet Dinosaurs

If you’d rather not spend the weekend listening to dinosaurs roaring, how about some quiet dinosaurs for the wall of his office? This educational dinosaur poster would brighten up the walls, and he might enjoy learning a few new things about dinosaurs, to impress the kids.


Happy dinosaur hunting!