Gift Ideas for Superman Fans

The latest Superman movie, Man of Steel, is in theaters now. The critics are giving it mixed reviews, but the fans are loving it!

I haven’t seen the yet, but I like this quote:

  • Lois Lane: They say it’s all downhill after the first kiss.
  • Clark Kent/Kal-El: Only if you’re kissing a human.


Superman’s New Logo

In Man of Steel, Superman has a new look, with a sleek new costume, and no more red underpants over his blue suit. He still wears the red “S” on his chest, but it’s edgier looking than the older version.

The movie DVD won’t be out for a while, but you can see Superman’s new logo on the movie soundtrack.


Superman’s Old Logo

If you prefer the older costume, and the familiar “S” logo, there are still plenty of items that show it. For example, this plastic travel mug has the old version of the Superman logo, and would be a perfect gift for any commuter who loves coffee and Superman.


Grilling With Superman

If you’re buying a gift for a Superman fan who loves to grill, how about a Superman apron? This apron doesn’t come with a guarantee that your cooking will automatically improve, but you’ll certainly look fierce while preparing dinner!

The online reviews are good, and all the gift recipients seem to love wearing it. It only comes in one size (“One size fits most”), but the reviewers say that it covers and protects their clothes, and is a good size.


Superman Ice Cubes

If your Superman fan isn’t flashy enough to wear a Man of Steel apron, maybe he would prefer some “S” logo ice cube trays. They’re fun, and practical too, and perfect for summer patio parties.


Superman’s Cape

Even with his new costume, Superman still needs to fly, and his cape is an important part of his outfit. Your Superman fan might not be able to fly, but this backpack with a cape might make him feel like he could take off at any second.

Sure, the other guys at the office might make fun of him if he wears this to work, but that’s just because those other guys are jealous! They’d wear an awesome cape too, if they had nerves of steel.


Drink With Superman

After a long day at the office, what better way is there to relax, than to have a drink with Superman? Well, maybe the Man of Steel won’t show up – he’s pretty busy – but you can use this Superman koozie to keep your beer cold!