Prevent Water Puddles on Fridge Shelf

Our Maytag fridge has worked well since we bought it, about 15 years ago. One thing has always annoyed me though – water puddles on the bottom shelf of the fridge.

In the middle of preparing dinner, I’d pull something out of the fridge, and water would splash onto the floor.

So, I’d have to waste a couple of minutes, wiping up the spill, and hoping that dinner wasn’t burning on the stove in the meantime!

Fridge Water Spout

I finally solved the problem, and if you’re seeing the same thing in your fridge, maybe this solution will fix it for you too. Our fridge is a Maytag, and other makes and models probably work in a similar way.

water puddles on fridge shelf maytag

While cleaning out the fridge recently, I noticed the small water spout at the back of the fridge, just above the bottom shelf. Over the years, I’ve seen it before, but just didn’t think about it.

The picture below is a bit dark, but you can see the spout, and the glisten of water, that is trickling down, behind the bottom shelf. That water goes under the vegetable bins, where it evaporates. At least that is what is supposed to happen!

water puddles on fridge shelf spout

Full Fridge Problem

Probably, when our fridge was full, after grocery shopping day, items were pushed to the back, and were blocking that spout. Instead of allowing the water to trickle down to the area below the vegetable bins, the water was diverted onto the bottom shelf, where it collected in puddles.

Our tightly-packed fridge wasn’t able to do its job correctly, and the puddle problem could be easily solved.

Solve the Problem

Since then, I’ve kept the area clear, in front of that water spout, and there haven’t been any more water puddles on the bottom shelf.

If you’ve got a similar problem with your fridge, look for a water spout, and make sure that nothing is blocking it. I hope this simple solution helps you too.

Prevent water puddles on fridge shelf

Video: Prevent Water Puddles on Fridge Shelf

To see how to prevent water puddles on fridge shelf, please watch this short video. You’ll see the water spout in my Maytag fridge, and the area to keep clear.