Monday Memories: Sea Pines Hilton Head

It’s been a long, cold, snowy winter, and a relief to finally see signs of spring.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to Hilton Head, South Carolina, this winter, so I put together a slide show video, with some of my favorite photos from last winter. In the picture below, you can get an idea of how tall those beautiful trees are, at Sea Pines Hilton Head.

These photos were taken on our first visit to the Sea Pines Forest Preserve, at the south end of Hilton Head Island.

Or, watch on YouTube: Sea Pines Forest Preserve

Tall Trees at Sea Pines

In this photo, Mr. D is standing in the forest pathway, a little distance ahead of me. He sometimes gets tired of waiting, while I take lots of photos, so he wanders off.

Anyway, this gives you a good idea of the height of those sea pines! It is awe-inspiring to stand among them, and enjoy this beautiful and peaceful setting.

sea pines forest preserve hilton head