Fun in the Garden

I enjoy having a backyard garden, but it can certainly get out of control pretty quickly!

We had a few days of rain, and then we went on a 2-day vacation. In that short time, the weeds took over the garden. Here’s what it looked like on Monday. You can hardly see the small marigold plants, hidden among the weeds.


Mr. D. spent some time pulling weeds, and I did a couple of sessions too, yesterday and today. It’s certainly not perfect, but the garden looks a bit better now, after more weeding.

Here is the slightly improved version, with most of the big weeds gone.


Our granddaughter came to visit last week, and we assembled a butterfly and bee watering dish. It’s an old plastic picnic plate, with a fairly high rim, that we filled with flower arrangement marbles, and a bit of water. The marbles give the insects a safe place to land, while they have a drink. We added a few rocks too, to keep it from blowing away if it gets windy.

We set the bee watering dish near the rose bush, balanced on an old flower pot that is filled with rocks. (I put the plate on the patio table while we’re mowing the lawn, so it doesn’t get knocked over, or filled with grass clippings.)

butterfly watering station in garden

In the photo below you can see the flower pot that it’s sitting on.

butterfly watering station with flower pot

Now we’re waiting to see if the butterflies and bees like it!