Fun and Easy Halloween Crafts

It’s fun to do crafts with kids, and even though it’s a few weeks away, they’re already starting to think about Halloween. The October issues of magazines are in the grocery store checkout aisles, and most of them show cute seasonal crafts on their covers.

Inspired by those captivating cover photos, here are links to a few easy Halloween crafts online. They look like even the younger kids will have fun doing them, and nobody will get frustrated trying to follow difficult instructions.

Which crafts do you think that you’ll try, from this fun collection of Halloween crafts?

Fun and easy Halloween crafts

Pasta Skeleton

Glue + noodles + paper = a delightfully frightening skeleton. This can be done as a craft to enjoy some time together and get in the Halloween spirit, or used to spice up a party invitation. Either way, it’s cheap easy and enjoyable. I wonder if you could connect the noodles with string and make a marionette?


Lollipop Ghosts

This idea is great for parties, loot bags, or simply to spice up the monotony of door-door candy collection. When the sugar-coma-inducing haul is dumped on the floor, these lollipop ghosts will stand out from the crowd. Watch this very short video to see the steps.

Tissue Paper Wreath

This tissue paper Halloween wreath from the Happy Hooligans site is great for kids of any age. Crumpling up tissue paper will never be anything but awesome, and it gives you something special for the front door, or individual bedrooms. Who knows? This wreath might even help ward off evil spirits (or candy-stealing parents)!


Paper Strip Pumpkins

Instead of having just one pumpkin this year, you can make several of these paper strip Halloween pumpkins, to decorate your house. They only take a few supplies, and a little time to assemble. Younger kids could draw the faces, and an adult could cut the strips and fasten the together.


Egg Carton Bats

What would a craft compilation be without an egg carton creation of some kind? This simple, yet satisfying craft requires only scissors, paint/marker, and some googly eyes if you want to go that extra mile. Make a few egg carton bats, and hang them up in the tree, or on the porch, for the trick-or-treaters to brave their way through.


Paper Spider Webs – Video

If you hate to follow written instructions, here is a video showing how to make paper spider webs. This isn’t a professional production, but there is a lovely voice to guide you through a surprisingly easy process. Whether you use them as hanging decorations, part of a place setting, or combine them with a lollipop spider, these webs will make people want to stick around.


Fun and easy Halloween crafts