Fun and Easy Halloween Snacks and Crafts

We’re having fun getting started on our Halloween crafts for this year, so here are a few more links to fun and easy craft projects. There are a few snacks to make too, but don’t eat them all before the big day arrives!

Fun and easy Halloween snacks & crafts

Balloon Ghosts

Never have I been able to walk by a balloon without my daughter instantly wondering how she has been able to survive without one. Hours can be spent with just a balloon and a friend, now imagine some frilly ghostlike skirts, and I think you’ll agree that this Halloween balloon ghost craft gets a lot of bang for the buck. When it’s finished, keep this ghost away from sharp objects and popcorn ceilings!


Glowing Halloween Eyes

These glowing Halloween eyes are quick and easy to make, and a glow stick provides the light. We tried this craft and my daughter had fun drawing a scary face, and carefully cutting out the eyes (with a bit of help). It’s very low cost, and doesn’t make much mess – something to consider when you’re working with kids!


Cup of Worms

This cup of dirt and worms (or bowl of dirt and worms) is a great snack idea for anyone hosting a Halloween gathering. It’s simple, cost effective, and sure to be a conversation piece for adult and child alike. Worms and mud that taste like sugar and pudding? Yes please!


Spider Cobwebs

I really like this painting spiders’ cobwebs craft. It’s simple enough for almost any age to be, and feel involved in. The spiders take ‘handmade’ to literal lengths, and the web creation is fantastic fun. The only trouble might be getting Dad to let you use one of his golf balls.


Spider Suckers

These spider suckers are another fun way to jazz up a lollipop for Halloween. They are a little bit more involved than the ghost lollipops that were in the previous post, but I think the results are worth it. These little candy-rachnids each seem to end up with their own individual personality. This is one of those times that playing with your food is inevitable.


Spinning Ghosts

Want something that can be incredibly fast, unbelievably inexpensive, and overwhelmingly enjoyable? These spiral spinning ghosts can be made as simple, or stunning as you desire. Just draw two eyes, or make something ghastly glittered; either way, these ghosts will dance the night away wherever you hang them up.


Mummified Candles – Video

The last link for this posting is a short video showing how to turn a glass jar into a mummified candle. Easy to do, and great for adding a little themed lighting to your party, or your porch. While the video shows a glue gun being used, you could try another type of glue that bonds paper to glass.


Fun and easy Halloween snacks & crafts