I Love Model Trains T Shirt

This shirt might not be for everyone, but model train lovers will be happy if you choo-choo-choose it for them.

Whether it brings laughter, or becomes a fashion statement, this shirt is sure to please. Even if they already have a shirt like this, don’t worry, there are seven model train loving days in a week.

This T-shirt is available in black or gray, with white lettering on both, and a red heart. If you can’t decide which color to buy, just get both of them! 😉

The shirt is made by Fruit of the Loom, and one of the pictures on the Amazon page is a sizing chart. Take a look at that, to make sure you buy the correct size. At first, I was confused by the chest measurement — for XL it shows 24 inches, which seemed like a child’s size! However, that is width of the shirt at the chest, so the XL shirt would have 24+24=48 inches for the full chest, which sounds about right.