Thomas Kinkade Christmas Tree Model Train

Your model railroader will love this tabletop Christmas tree with its hand-painted details and adorable model train!


Beautiful Thomas Kinkade Christmas Tree

Thomas Kinkade trees are always popular, and this one is extra special. It has a delightful little train running around it!

The 16″ tall tree has 4 levels that rotate — including Santa and his reindeer at the top. Maybe Santa is dropping off his last gift, and is hurrying home to play with his model trains.

Enjoy the Christmas Carols

And this tree doesn’t just look good — it sounds good too! The tree plays a medley of 8 different Christmas carols, so you won’t get bored by hearing the same song played over and over again.

For extra entertainment value, the tree has lights that can be turned on or off. This will look beautiful in the evening, and it will turn itself off after an hour, so you don’t have to remember to do that.

Batteries or Adapter

You can run the tree on batteries, or an adapter, so it can be displayed near an electrical outlet, or up on the mantle.

In the picture below, you can see a close-up of the Thomas Kinkade Christmas tree details, with the lovely houses and beautiful model train.