Excel Deluxe Model Train Tool Set for Train Lovers

Running a model railroad is a wonderful pastime, and you can devote considerable amounts of time and money in setting one up, and maintaining it. To keep things running smoothly, be sure to have reliable a model train tool set on hand, so you can do emergency repairs and on-going maintenance.

Excel Deluxe Model Railroad Tool Set

With the Excel Deluxe Model Railroad Tool Set, you’ll get a wooden case, with several key tools, for your model train set:

  • 1 light duty knife
  • 1 plastic heavy duty knife
  • 1 sanding stick
  • 1 needle nose pliers with side cutter
  • 2 needle files
  • 6 inch stainless steel ruler
  • 2 swivel head screwdrivers
  • 1 miter box
  • 1 razor saw
  • 1 snap blade knife
  • 1 swivel head pin vise with 3 assorted drills
  • 1 Swiss style mini hammer
  • 3 assorted knife blades

There’s not much else that you’ll need, if you have all those tools for your model train set.

model train tool set

Excel Deluxe Model Railroad Tool Set

In the picture below, you can see the wooden box and the contents of the Excel Deluxe Model Railroad Tool Set, with molded trays so you can see all the tools, and reach them easily. It comes in the cardboard box that you can see in the background.

Highly Rated Model Train Tool Set

This tool set is very highly rated on Amazon, and people are impressed with the number of tools and the good quality. The knives have safety covers too, to that’s an extra bonus, and an indication of the quality of this set.

One of the comments mentioned that you could also buy a track cutting tool, to round out your tool collection – everything else that you need is in this kit!

Protect Your Investment

This model train deluxe tool set is a great way to protect your investment in your model railroad. The blades are made from high quality carbon steel, and the tools are nicely organized in the wooden case, with molded trays, so you can quickly find the tools that you need.

Don’t let your railroad fall apart – make minor repairs, and keep it running so you can enjoy every minute of your time!

Video: Model Train Maintenance: Lubrication

In this video, Sam shows how to lubricate a 00 locomotive.

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