Model Train Scenery For Train Lovers

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves trains, these model train scenery items could be perfect! There is a wide range of prices, so you’ll find something to fit your budget, whether it’s big or small, or somewhere in between.

Take a look through the suggestions, and see if something catches your eye. Even if the model train lover has something similar already, another model train scenery item can usually fit in nicely, somewhere else in the layout.

Timber Frame Tunnel Portal

When you think of trains, you usually think of train tunnels too. I love this timber frame tunnel portal set! There are two portals in the set, and the rustic look will enhance any O gauge railroad layout.

The portals are 9-1/2″ long by 9-1/2″ high, and the inside opening measurements are 5-1/2″ wide by 6-3/4″ high. They’re made of solid wood, and will add a unique touch to the railroad layout.

Add Some People

When a train is travelling through the city or countryside, it’s bound to pass some people. Add some fun to the train set with one of these interesting collections of people.

For example, here is a set of 6 construction workers, in different poses and outfits. Maybe they’re working on the train tracks, or doing some repairs on a nearby road.


In the set shown below, there are 26 people, dressed as travelers. They could be waiting on the platform, when the model train pulls into the station.


Add Some Trees

If you’re creating scenery for a model railroad, trees are a necessity. You can get collections with trees that are all one type, or for specific seasons. I like this pack of mixed trees though, with evergreens and leafy trees – a total of 10 trees in the collection. They would look good in the countryside, and in the city too!

Build Your Own Model Train Scenery

And if none of those ideas inspire you as a gift for a model train lover, how about a jar of rocks? This made me laugh! Just give this as a gift, with a bottle of glue, and the gift recipient can build his own scenery! He could make a stone fence, or a big pile of rocks to fill in an empty space in the layout.

It’s the perfect gift to inspire creativity, without needing too much artistic talent!


Your model train needs awesome scenery too!