Model Train Lighthouse For Lovely Memories

We’ve enjoyed several winter vacations on Hilton Head Island, and the most famous landmark there is the lighthouse at Harbor Town. The last time we were there, I took this picture, on a beautiful spring day.  If you have similar memories of a coastal vacation, you could add a model train lighthouse to your layout, to remind you of those relaxing days.

Harbor Town Lighthouse

Today is National Lighthouse Day, and that’s what reminded me of this landmark. Here’s my photo of the lighthouse at Hilton Head’s Harbor Town – you might recognize it if you watch The Heritage golf tournament each year. The lighthouse was completed in 1970, and you can read more about the lighthouse’s history in the Wikipedia article.

Hilton Head Island Lighthouse

Red and White Model Train Lighthouse

The red and white striped lighthouse at Harbor Town is a classic design and color. If you remember lighthouses with a similar design, this Faller HO lighthouse might bring back vacation memories. You could add it to your layout, and be reminded of summer days at the beach, even if there’s a blizzard howling outside!

It is a model of the Hornum lighthouse in Germany, and has a beacon that flashes at regular intervals. It is 13-1/4″ tall, and comes with detailed step-by-step instructions for putting it together.

White Lighthouse With Red Accents

Maybe you remember a white lighthouse from your vacation spot. If so, you might like this HO Scale lighthouse – it’s white, with red accents. The lighthouse is a model of the famous Dornbush/Hiddensee Beacon, on Hiddensee Island in the Baltic Sea.

More Model Train Lighthouse Options

There are more model train lighthouse options on Amazon, so look around, to see if you can find one that’s close to your favourite real-life lighthouse.

You’ll see model train lighthouse choices at different price ranges, and a variety of styles. So take your time, and look for the lighthouse that is the best fit for your model train layout, and your vacation memories!


If you close your eyes, no lighthouse can help you! — Mehmet Murat Ildan

If you close your eyes, no lighthouse can help you!