Model Train Gift Ideas for 2017

What can you buy for the model train enthusiast this year? Are you running out of ideas? Here are a few model train gift ideas for 2017, to help with your shopping. Let them buy their own locomotives and freight cars, and pick up a few accessories that will enhance their model railway.

Model Train Scale and Gauge

Before you start shopping, find out what scale and gauge you need to buy for. Model trains come in different sizes, so you’ll want to buy accessories in the correct size.

The Lionel website shows the gauges, and they tell us that HO is the most common train size.

There’s also great information on the National Model Railroad Association’s website. They explain that:

  • Scale is the model train’s size, compared to a real train
  • Gauge is the distance between the tracks

Model Railway Trees

You really can’t go wrong with a gift of model train trees. You don’t need to worry about the track size — make sure to get them in the correct scale.

This kit has a good variety of trees, and they’re for an HO scale model railway (the most common scale). There are 29 trees in the package, ranging from 1.5″ to 6″ tall. There are no stands, so they can be glued in place, or inserted in foam or clay.

Model Train Campers

It’s fun to have people and buildings in the model train layout, and these three campers would look great in a wooded area. They’ve built a campfire, and put up their tent for the night. There’s even a little camping lantern, and a fallen tree for them to sit on. This is for an HO scale model train.

City Street Accessories

If the model train passes through a city or village, these street accessories will add a realistic touch to the layout. These are in HO scale, and there are two benches, a couple of fire hydrants, several parking meters, and a phone booth too! I’m not sure if you can find real phone booths on a city street now, but your mode railway can still have them.

Corner Gas Station

No matter where a train travels, it passes a little gas station, somewhere along the way. This HO scale kit has a gas station building, and two service islands. It also has two roadside signs, and colourful decals.

More Model Train Gift Ideas

If none of these model train gift ideas are what you wanted, go to the Model Trains page for more gift suggestions.

Also, take a look at more model train accessories on Amazon. You’ll find something in every price range, from very low, to way up there!


Model Train Gift Ideas 2017

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