Penguin Mug Gift Ideas

Do you need a gift for someone who collects penguins? Well, not real penguins, but anything with a penguin on it? I’m one of those people, and one of my early Christmas gifts this year was this adorable penguin mug. He’s all bundled up, with a cheerful red scarf.

penguin mug 2017

My husband bought this mug in a local store, so you probably can’t find this one in an online store. But I’ve found a few other penguin mugs, and one of these might be perfect for the person you’re shopping for.

Penguins at Sea

This mug has cute penguins, perched on an ice flow, and ready to go swimming. That water would be way too cold for me, but the penguins will enjoy it!

The picture wraps around the 11 ounce mug, so you can see the penguins from either side.

Penguin Footprints

This mug has multi-coloured penguin footprints on it, and is certainly different from most of the other mugs that I’ve seen. It looks like something that a baby penguin would bring home from nursery school, as a proud gift to its mom or dad. So cute!

The mug is 11 ounces, and the print wraps around the mug.

Penguin of the Month

Finally, this Penguin of the Month mug made me chuckle. It would be a great gift for a co-worker who loves penguins. In the cartoon, each penguin thinks that it’s their picture in the “Employee of the Month” photo.

It’s a classic 11 ounce mug, with the same cartoon on the front and the back of the mug. My favourite penguin in the group is thinking, “My mom will be so proud!” Awww.. I guess we would all think that if we were chosen as Employee of the Month at our office.


More Penguin Mug Gift Ideas

You can find more penguin mug gift ideas on the Zazzle website.


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